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  1. Wasn’t it Andre Brenton and the surrealists who started all this by throwing cream pies at politicians in Paris in the 1920s, Barry?

    The throwing of shoes must be a middle-eastern thing. I also know of the tradition of little European ladies taking off one shoe, then beating whomever they are angry with senseless with it (particularly my Eastern European, Ex-Mother-In-Law, Olga).

    Still, you have to feel for this guy that threw the shoe (hey, that rhymes): two years in an Iraq jail for pelting Bush with his footwear does seem a bit harsh. Why not just pull out the US troops and call everything even?

  2. [quote comment=”3331″]Wasn’t it Andre Brenton and the surrealists who started all this by throwing cream pies at politicians in Paris in the 1920s, Barry?[/quote]
    You mean AndrĂ© Breton, right? No pie throwing that I’m aware of, although there’s this:

    Breton, had been insulted by Ehrenburg — along with all fellow surrealists — in a pamphlet which said, among other things, that surrealists were “pederasts”. Breton slapped Ehrenburg several times on the street, which led to surrealists being expelled from the Congress.

    There’s also a famous Belgian pie thrower (perhaps most famous for throwing one at Bill Gates) but his name escapes me right now.

  3. Come on, guys.

    – Throwing a shoe to somebody else is an insult in Islamic world.

    – And – just for fun – the name of the book is Nadja, not Nanja, hope you discovered. The start of both Dada & Surrealism in 1928.

  4. No shoe throwing, now.
    There are various arts. Painting, music, film, litterature, etc.

    They happen to be in various ways haughty or not.
    They happen to be competiive as for innovation.

    I strongly believe that music is & was the best.

    Is that the right way of thinking?
    Two observations.

    – Yes. The big Russian I. Strawinsky wrote the score of “The Rite Of Spring “before it was actually performed on 29th May 1913. Ahead od all other arts.

    – No. Just one example. People just say when looking at a S. Pollock painting : yes, that’s genuine art. OK. When they hear the music of current day composers , they say : let’s run away from that.

    And way back in the old days even litterature ( amongst others Bretons Nadja) was far ahead of its time.

  5. Easy now Bernard, easy now.

    See how you could’ve condensed three comments into one? See how you’re sliding off topic ever so predictably? See how you’re about to piss people off around here — all over again? For the same old reasons?

    See that? Yeah. Now grab that mental picture and frame it. Preferably somewhere visible.

  6. I believe the gentleman was giving Bush a pair of shoes so Dubya can make a quicker exit from office! Maybe they should’ve been sneakers.

    It looked like George had practice ducking shoes?
    Maybe its pre-president training days from his Dad’s adminstration.

  7. OK, KUR, for once I’ll be condensable on KUR. I’ll be hiding behind my little finger for a while.

    Why? One of the reasons is this one. Since more than two years I have a sort of standard for judging cities. It’s not abut their buildings as I’m not into architecture. It’s about music. The litmus proof is : do record stores in that city sell records from amongst others Conlon Nancarrow , Carlo Gesualdo ( I have 10 composers on my list).
    So, way back in the old days I lived for almost 20 years in a city called Louvain/ Leuven. Went there at noon. Gesualdo : more than 12 CDs for sale, however not his best works ( the 6th Madrigal Book). Conlon. N. : just one CD, and, yes, it was there – in that record shop – already in June. Completely overlooked. No progress.

    Write it down : the same will happen to FZ within a few years.

    Now I’m hiding behind my little finger for a while.

  8. [quote post=”764″]The start of both Dada & Surrealism in 1928.[/quote]
    Sorry, love. Dada started circa 1914.

    Also – I wish the shoe would have hit him. This way we could have had a neat little clip over which to dub hollow cartoon sound effects a la The Three Stooges.

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