Short News

Just a few things, in short:
– “Delayed reaction: Uncle Meat” (Frank Zappa Mini Film Festival?…)
– ZPZ: the mix of the 1st Chicago show is ready.
– Lumpy Money: delay
– Project/Object: show cancelled
NOT for the above things: applause machine.
– bloggism: Julie SlickEric Slick. Keep on bloggin’!
– Nowadays I listen to Tool.
– Barry and Sharl are still speachless… 🙂

Author: Balint


10 thoughts on “Short News”

  1. about Tool: I’ve seen them on a festival, but havent heard of them before at all, and for the girl I was with it was too loud so we did not stay there.
    Nowadays I listen to some of their CDs, and find it interesting. Rich music, good playing, but sometimes i think that something is missing. The tunes are in the same tampo, there are no peaks on the albums (at least to me), and maybe not enough energy. Like when “good students” try to play metal.
    So I dont say I like them, but I listen to them, so we’ll see what happens. Maybe Aenema is the best album of theirs. Maybe not.

    J and E Slick should play those songs!!! 🙂 Now THAT would be full of energy!!

  2. I always thought Tool was Black Sabbath with slower, less compelling riffs. Then I worked with someone who had a contagious enthusiasm, and I was willing to catch it. Lateralus is their best album, and repeated listenings are rewarded. When I saw them play the title track live, it was the kind of ultra heavy entrancing thing they are popular for. Synthesizers are used in a subtle and interesting way on that album, too. It took me a while to get over the fact that the guitarist isn’t the focus of a metal band – he basically fills in the space between the great drum and vocals. The bass sound and playing on Lateralus is great, too.

    Being high may be useful when first trying to develop an appreciation. Imagine that.

  3. I don’t know much about Tool’s music, but it is well known that they are THE GOOD GUYS when it comes down to being decent human being’s in a backstabbing business…all the more so with their massive success, supporting and spreading the word for those that came before; ie., The Melvins, etc. Soooo, they have won my utmost respect. Also, for an additional twist, the lead singer is openly gay and that confuses the hell out of many a headbanger. He also bought a painting from a friend so I know he has good taste!

  4. CRUD! I was not paying enough attention (and didn’t get the usual postcard) and thus missed Project Object when they were right around the corner from me in Troy, NY. CRUD CRUD.

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