9 thoughts on “Jazz Piano Palin”

  1. Palin, Obama, McCain…they all amaze me by their ability to speak so much but actually say so little. The entire 2008 election should be included in every college or university course curriculum on modern rhetoric. These people are absolute masters of the form. I tip my hat to them all! Put all of them together and what do you get? Nixon with a side order of Kennedy, please. Hold the mayo (I’m watching my cholesterol). Super size that while your at, too!

  2. Thought you might also be amused by this clip of The One in action.

    As the BBC commentator pointed out, his teleprompter may have gone down but this guy’s inability to busk it, is worrying. Reagan would have strolled it.

    Maybe talking, chewing gum and reading off a teleprompter is one task to many for the new Princess Diana.

  3. Imagine what songs Frank would have written about her – “Barbie Goes To Washingtum”, (sung by Ike Willis in Thingfish mode) perhaps?

  4. FZ wouldn’t have to write any new material, sadly.

    Sarah Palin = Lies So Big / Society Pages
    Joe the Plumber = Flakes

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