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  1. [quote comment=”1957″]Slow as hell, might as well use BitTorrent or Google Video.[/quote]
    True, Jerk. I figure it being posted on metafilter resulted in blowing up their server. I’d say wait a week, and try again…

  2. So you say this is a good one? I’ve never heard of this. When I was a child, out TV was full of german series, like Derrick, “Tatort”, etc. Or: I clearly remember Mr Baines from “The Onedin Line”, or “Streets of San Francisco”, “Starsky and Hutch”, “Mork from Ork” with Robin Williams and there were tons of Benny Hill. But we never had things like the “Monthy Pythin’s Flying Circus” – I had to watch that in the Yugoslavian TV: hey, Ministry of Silly Walks was fun in spite of the language barriers.
    Oh yes, and we had Dallas! Remember Jockey Ewing?… 🙂 And of course Isaura, if you happen to know her.

  3. BTW my favourite is the one called “Ed” with Tom Cavanagh, it’s just been repeated right now on a local TV. I love it – do you happen to know this one? It’s a pity that its totally unavailable on DVD.

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