Monster Road Out On DVD

For those of you who didn’t get to see it in your local theatre: Monster Road, the award-winning Bruce Bickford documentary, is out on DVD. The film offers a fascinating look into the life and spirit of a true American excentric and his absolute dedication to the one thing he lives for: clay animation. Much … Continue reading “Monster Road Out On DVD”

Down Monster Road

Next Wednesday 13 the Doctor and I will be attending the annual Filmfestival of Ghent for a screening of “Monster Road” (the Bruce Bickford docu). Should you be looking for us, we’ll be the ones wearing the fake Groucho Marx eyebrow-moustache combo (widely available at various prank shops) yelling “Get lost, creep!”. Kidding.

Monster Road To Hit Ghent

A while ago I asked Jim Haverkamp if there was any possibility of getting to see Monster Road (see also) in Belgian theaters. He responded asking which filmfestivals he could submit the film to, so I told him about the annual Film Festival of Ghent. Jim sent a tape of “Monster Road” to the Flanders … Continue reading “Monster Road To Hit Ghent”

Monster Road Hits LA

Those of you who live close to Los Angeles (as opposed to, oh, say Asscrack Belgium) may be interested to know that “Monster Road”, the Bruce Bickford docu, will be screening at the LA Film Festival on June 22 & 24. The normally-reclusive Amazing Mister will be in attendance, and word has it he’ll be … Continue reading “Monster Road Hits LA”

Monster Road Wins At Slamdance

“Monster Road”, the documentary on visionary ClaymationMeister Bruce Bickford wins at Slamdance. Co-producer Jim Haverkamp writes: “Bruce Bickford attended the festival and delighted the crowds with his dry wit and mysterious ways. Some lucky folks even got one of his homemade business cards, which are made out of a piece of foam core and contain … Continue reading “Monster Road Wins At Slamdance”

For There Is Life Beyond MOFO!

Bernard sent me this link to a music survey and although I don’t consider myself to be much of a “musician”, thought it would be fun to post my responses here anyway. Without further ado: Give us an example or two of an especially good or interesting: Movie score: Garden State The Royal Tenenbaums The … Continue reading “For There Is Life Beyond MOFO!”

So Where Were The Spiderz?

Last time i checked the Film Festival Ghent site just to see when Monster Road was going to be released in Belgium, it said “Complete program available from September 22”. Fortunately (for him) Idiot bastard son has got a copy already; i wonder, would it be a video cassette? a dvd? is it possible to … Continue reading “So Where Were The Spiderz?”