ZPZ: New US Tourdates

Starting July 18 Zappa Plays Zappa is back on the road. Check the tourdates. Unfortunately there will be no Bozzio and no Vai on this leg of the tour. I’ve also read somewhere that the playlist is supposed to be some 70% different from what we’ve seen so far — but don’t quote me on that…

5 Responses to “ZPZ: New US Tourdates”

  1. 428cj says:

    Probably something wrong with the month. shouldn’t it be the 6th and 7th month tey’ll play,

  2. 428cj says:

    or the july and august, don’t know?

  3. Latent Appliance Fetishist says:

    Would have been nice if they sent out a note to the zft mailing list people about the *@#&$ internet presale.

  4. 428cj says:

    Pfff boy what have i been drinking… My two comments above are completely obsolete and wrong. Sorry (for drinking) and taking space

  5. mack73 says:

    Jul 18, ’07 – Winnipeg, MB

    Nice! I happen to live in Winnipeg. What an unexpected and pleasant surprise.

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