21 thoughts on “Palladium, NYC, ’76”

  1. I have all three ZINY concerts on one data disc (all from Zappateers). Later on today I’ll do a version comparison between this one and the one on my disc.

  2. Is it possible to add the outakes from this concert also?
    soundboard outtakes:
    Cruising For Burgers
    Torture Never Stops

  3. 6:12 into “Punky’s Whips” someone in the audience says something like, “…betta pick up his gitaah, I hate it when he whines a lot.” Boston / Rhode Island U.S. accent? …can’t really hear the last part. Any input appreciated.

  4. also, isn’t the brass arrangement different / better than on the Baby Snakes album? Overdubbage, or could the band have performed different arrangements on different nights? Or am I just not listening.

    “Don’t at the Yellow Snow, Frank!”
    It’s a hard slog through hell.

  5. The ZINY album has overdubs by Ruth on it, and obscures Eddie’s wonderful violin on both BLACK PAGEs. The BBSNX versions are completely different.

  6. …betta pick up his gitaah, I hate it when he whines a lot.” Boston / Rhode Island U.S. accent?

    Actually, that sounds like a certain kind of NYC accent. Listen to Warren Cuccurulo speak, or Johnny Psychotic (‘I aint no fukin’ queeah!’) or that cop in ‘Cops ‘N Buns’ – New Yawk. The Boston and Rhode Island accents can be even more ‘elaborate’, believe it or not.

  7. Johnnybutter’s right, that accent could be NY or even elsewhwere– johnnyb, boston & RI accents “Elaborate”? You’re too kind! haha! Good term, though, many actors work on it and still don’t quite nail it. Accents aside, the instrumental part leading to Bozzio’s inner ponderings is amazing Frank “big-band” stuff. Damn!

  8. that ‘giiiitar’ man sounds like a redneck to my untrained eeenglish ears!

    killer show, thanks for putting it up.

  9. I also love this instrumentation – it’s kind of my favorite ‘big band’ ensemble Frank had (even if it was just for this series of concerts). This band has every kind of sound – violin; horns; guitar, mallets, killer drums and bass, etc. Great stuff.

  10. Anybody else find gaps in the last two minutes of Purple Lagoon? I’m a semi-hardcore fan, so know every note of the album solos [in, you know, a hum-along way] but never knew it was edited down from double its length. I’ve downloaded this track twice and get the same swatch of silence.

  11. where do you wonderful (formerly asshole – she made me do it) fans find all these killer tapes? it is, indeed, a swatch. i used a chicken to measure it.

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