Rondo Hatton Report Vol IV

A new Rondo Hatton Report has been published:

Amongst other contributions, this issue features a second submission from Kohjitsu Ohyama, author of two authoritative Japanese books on FZ, proposing a solution to the vexed question of the ‘ultimate compilation’ problem — and from the wilds of Indiana, Prof. Hollinden weighs in with the third installment of his Pigs & Ponies series.

More info and a free download right over here.

One Response to “Rondo Hatton Report Vol IV”

  1. Hermann Schindler says:

    Though the contents of the Rondo Hatton Report might be enlightening and fun to see what other people might have to say, reading it is not. Its a pity that it is set up like a cheap Word-Doc and not designed with editorial skills, the lines are far too long, the font abominable, page layout unfit for printing etc, no offense given. If someone from the TRHR-crew wants it transformed into a likeable and better readable incarnation I very much would like to take it from the pure texts and design it for the modern world. Would be a pleasure for me.
    What do you think?
    Otherwise thanks for the product, really.
    Kind regards

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