KUR’s 2nd Annual Virtual Zappanale Mix

Welcome to KUR’s 2nd Annual Virtual Zappanale Mix for August 2010. For those of us who cannot make it to this year’s festival in Bad Doberan, I have compiled an eclectic mix of some of my favorite FZ covers by well known alumni – and some other not so well known. On this virtual stage, time and space does not matter as acts appear fresh from 1969, while others are temporarily brought back from the hereafter for just one more kick at the can, so to speak, all together in one mix. Of course, I’d love to be there in Bad Doberan, and perhaps I will go there one day, myself. Until then, enjoy the music of the maestro. And the spirit of the Mothers…

Click here to listen to the mixtape.

Note: my sincerest appreciation and thanks to Andrew Greenaway and MagicFingers for their assistance in the compiling of this mixtape.

4 Responses to “KUR’s 2nd Annual Virtual Zappanale Mix”

  1. jonnybutter says:

    Thanks for the mix, ug. I had heard very little of this stuff. ‘She do you, she do me, she got the kinda lovin’…’ Very funny to hear JCB sing that straight through.

  2. ken duvall says:

    Thanks for the mix ! I love hearing Banned From Utopia !

  3. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    In addition: some Zappanale #21 audio captured live right over here.

  4. Dark Clothes says:

    Thank you for the huge mix and especially the beautiful version of Sleep Dirt by the Zappatistas.

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