Holiday in Berlin e ancora Zappa

YouTuberer microsei:

First part of a fantastic Zappa Suite by Orchestra Spaziale Italiana directed by Giorgio Casadei, genial Zappa arrangements at Malè “non Sole Jazz” Festival close to Dolomite Mountains

Part two, part three.

Hat tip: @evaristo

2 Responses to “Holiday in Berlin e ancora Zappa”

  1. Hugh says:

    I wrote in another post that nobody has more fun than Ed Palermo playing Zappa. But, I think Giorgio takes the cake!
    I think the band would be tighter if they weren’t laughing so much.

    Hmm . . . I wouldn’t mind listening to Zappa music by the Dolomites.

  2. MagnetMonster says:

    I think i due a beer or two to Giorgio and microsei too for having posted it; Not to mention evaristo. Or maybe they would more like titties?
    Having the band laughing just make the show more interesting for me as they too are enjoining it so much as i was.

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