Spotlight, Swedish TV, 1971

While in Stockholm, Sweden on December 4th, 1971 during a short European tour, Frank Zappa and The Mothers appeared on the Swedish TV show entitled “Spotlight“. The 34 minute broadcast had interviews with Zappa mingled with music clips from 200 Motels [“This Won’t Take Long”, “The Final Solution”, “Centerville”] and included performances of “The Air”, “Dog Breath”, “Mother People”, “You Didn’t Try To Call Me”, “King Kong”, and “Who Are The Brain Police?” from Palais Gaumont, Paris, France on December 15th, 1970.

Note: thanks to reldditmot for posting Spotlight in its entirety on YouTube.

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3 thoughts on “Spotlight, Swedish TV, 1971”

  1. Frank says, “Musicians are the scum of the earth!”. I thought yuppies were the scum of the earth? 🙂

    It’s great to see this line up on film. Thanks for the whole video, UrbanG.

    Duke & Underwood on dueling keyboards! What could be better? Oh yeah, live Ruben & The Jets!

    The word is out: Coming in 2011 The Turtles open for Dweezil Zappa Plays Zappa with special guest Flo & Eddie. 🙂

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