Message From The Travel Agent

Well, it’s been an interesting week so far. Last Saturday, Sharl had an accident involving a broken thermos and hot boiling water splashing on her chest. The result: rather nasty first and second degree burns and blisters a-go-go.

While she’s been applying salves and compresses and taking medication as prescribed, it became more and more obvious that attending Zappanale was just not a sensible thing to do, given the circumstances. It literally took us until this morning to finally decide, with a heavy heart, to stay home.

To our friends that are in Bad Doberan and who we were looking forward to meeting: have fun! Shit happens — but there will be another time.

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  1. Sharleena says:

    My accident was the cherry in the pie, but there were a lot of signs before that were shouting that the universe was conspiring against us going this year to Zappanale. We did as much as we could to sort out a lot of obstacles but in the end, if you are not gonna be able to enjoy it, then you shouldn’t go for it. I wish our friends (Tina, Peter, Andrew among others…) the best Zappanale ever, and I hope we’ll finally meet next year under better circumstances…

  2. Al Stone says:

    Sorry to hear about your accident Dr. Sharleena, and I wish you a speedy recovery.

  3. Sharleena says:

    thanks for the good vibes Al!

  4. nmb says:

    Frank would have done a song about that.

  5. Sharleena says:

    didn’t he already?

  6. Thinman says:

    I too was crying for her.

  7. nmb says:

    well yes, but his wife won’t let me sing it…oh, there I go again…bo-ring!

  8. Andrew says:

    Hope Sharl is all better soon. Great shame you can’t be there but, as you rightly say, there’s always next year.

  9. yellowshark says:

    What a pitty. Ohh I’m so sorry about this. For a long time I was waiting
    to thank you for all that you’ve done for the Arf’s. Hope you get well soon!

    Thomas D.

  10. Sharleena says:

    aaww…you guys are so kind. It feels good, specially since my emotional state sucks today. At first I thought “it’s just a bit of hot water”, no worries, we are gonna make it there. But since Saturday my skin has been mutating in all sort of colors and blisters and the occasional pain… this thing has to be taken care of, unfortunately, and that doesn’t go with the plan of enjoying this wonderful festival (camping + plus our baby).
    It’s just sad…
    Thank you very much for your thoughts. I cherish.

  11. Alex says:

    Get well soon! Aloe vera will be your friend the next week or so.

  12. Sharleena says:

    The dr prescribed 500 g (!!!) of a lotion which I have to smear over the lesions like if it’s jam on a toast — only the toast is the size of a football ball — and then cover it with tons of bandages…Let’s hope there won’t be too many scars from this…

  13. KnirpsForMoisture says:

    Hope you make a quick recovery soon, Sharleena.

    You’ve got me thinking about Captain Beefheart singing ‘Debra Kadabra’ – maybe you should drive to a relatives house and rub some rented ungents on your sore skin!!!

  14. jane23 says:

    If it’s any consolation, my Mom wouldn’t allow me to go to the Fillmore to see the Mothers the night that John and Yoko ended up playing with them.
    Life goes on.
    Get Well Soon.

  15. Hugh says:

    Sorry Sharleena, that sucks. I hope you have a speedy and complete recovery.

  16. Sharleena says:

    [quote comment=”6981″]If it’s any consolation, my Mom wouldn’t allow me to go to the Fillmore to see the Mothers the night that John and Yoko ended up playing with them.
    Life goes on.
    Get Well Soon.[/quote]

    Now THAT’S a bummer…I’ll think about it next time I smear my *ointment*…

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