Zappanale 20 — Jubilee Edition

Despite all the legal intimidation that’s been going on, German ZapFest Zappanale is ready to roll! Just a couple of the confirmed bands/players for this 20th jubilee are:

Check out the flyer front / back, and the poster for more detailed information.

4 Responses to “Zappanale 20 — Jubilee Edition”

  1. pet a llama says:


  2. Plooker says:

    Cool Gong! That’s another band I recently discovered through satellite radio. Hope everyone gets lots of videos!

  3. Brady Bonk says:

    Yeah, Gong is awesome.

  4. peter says:

    original line-up is a bit of a stretch re: gong…but it does include the 3 most prominent members.

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