Zappathon, 2011 Edition

This just in from our pal Bill Amutis, aka Ol’ Baggy Eyes:

We have yet to learn our lesson, apparently, because we, the beknighted diehards at WUSB-FM are once again hosting an on-air Zappathon. Meaning: 12 hours of Frank Zappa, on air, webcast all over the globe and beyond.

This Zappathon is being co-ordinated by John Tabacco with assistance by me, Kevin Kovarik, & Nigey Lennon (I hope). WUSB-FM broadcasts from Stony Brook University out of Stony Brook, NY at the frequency of 90.1 FM. We also webcast at This way the whole world will once again be swathed in the piquant tones of Echidna, Evelyn, & T’Mershi to name a few.

Hurrah! If you’re on Facebook, here’s the event page.

Zappathon 2011


WUSB-FM’s Zappathon Returns

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that us here at KUR have supported‘s Zappathon ever since we first heard of it. The last edition featured KUR-pal SOFA live on air, as well as a bunch of soundbites which had been recorded and sent in by KUR-readers. Great fun! That was 2006…
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