A Location For Zappa’s Baltimore Bust

Eric Leicus, Lithuanian, Baltimore resident & Zappa fan writes:

A friend who works in the Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts tells me that various well-trafficked locations have been denied for placement of the statue because Frank Zappa was not an appropriate image to have on their grounds. Therefore, its very possible that the Zappa statue could be put on the outskirts on the city … meaning- it’ll be put in a place where no one will see it. I’m thinking it should be in Fells Point Square/Mt Vernon Park or at least somewhere downtown where people can actually see it and appreciate it.

If you agree, Eric suggests you send email to Kim Domanski (public art coordinator for BOP&A) and let her know that you’d like the Zappa statue to be in a highly trafficked/visible area.

Even if just a few of you do it, it would be much appreciated and could make a big difference. And really it is at least a little way to give back to the man (or at least his legacy) who gave us so much amazing music.

Baltimore Or Bust

My inbox just about exploded this morning with news that the city of Baltimore is to accept a statue of FZ as a gift to the city:

Baltimore Zappa Statue

Until they met last night, some members of the Baltimore Public Art Commission, which voted unanimously to accept the gift of the bronze sculpture – valued at about $50,000 – were also unaware of Zappa’s connection to Charm City.
However, the donors of the bust, who come from much farther afield – in fact, from a nation Zappa never visited – are well aware of his background.

That’d be Vilnius, Lithuania, of course.

Lo and behold: GS “avidly supports placing the sculpture in Baltimore, where her late husband’s quirky views of life fit with the work of such great local artists as John Waters.”…