Baltimore Or Bust

My inbox just about exploded this morning with news that the city of Baltimore is to accept a statue of FZ as a gift to the city:

Baltimore Zappa Statue

Until they met last night, some members of the Baltimore Public Art Commission, which voted unanimously to accept the gift of the bronze sculpture – valued at about $50,000 – were also unaware of Zappa’s connection to Charm City.
However, the donors of the bust, who come from much farther afield – in fact, from a nation Zappa never visited – are well aware of his background.

That’d be Vilnius, Lithuania, of course.

Lo and behold: GS “avidly supports placing the sculpture in Baltimore, where her late husband’s quirky views of life fit with the work of such great local artists as John Waters.”…

5 thoughts on “Baltimore Or Bust”

  1. The foremost local news story is MAN DIES IN PIGTOWN ALTERCATION

    yep, they should have a statue of FZ ok

  2. I’ve been wanting to visit Frank’s birthplace for awhile now. My wife’s family moved to Baltimore recently, so we drive 4 hours south from New York (every once in awhile) to visit them. The statue would be great, since I can’t seem to find any other Zappa tributes or the home he lived in?!

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