Zappa The Hard Way: A Chat With Mr. Greenaway

As you may have noticed, Andrew Greenaway (aka Idiotbastard) just had his book “Zappa The Hard Way” published. The book, which will have its official release at this year’s edition of Zappanale, tells the tale of FZ’s (in)famous ’88 tour, while attempting to shed some light on its unfortunate premature collapse. We’ve been talking about the book over email recently, and so I thought I’d share our conversation here…
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Zappa Books

The purpose of this site is to provide a little help to those that are looking for written material about Frank Zappa.

This is just a reminder for all of us about this amazing site called Zappa Books. The layout of the page has changed and some new features were added: you can leave your comments and rate books. It’s full of FZ-related articles, scans, whatever – extremely rich material, it even includes Bryan Beller’s article on Alien Orifice’s bass line (Steve, do you hear me?).

Thanks,, keep up the good work!