Zappa, YouTube, Censorship

The above video was posted by flowerpunkchip on YouTube April 15, 2008. Along with the video he posted the following statement:

CENSORED. Music replaced.

Gee thanks Gail, if i ever do make money from your husband’s genius, I’ll let you know and I’ll send you double. Censoring Zappa’s music on awful mono sound youtube is not a good idea.

Frank Zappa interview + I’m so happy I could cry, early version of “Take your clothes off when you dance” (thanks for the correction StereoM)+ Get a little + Orange County Lumber Truck + oh no, lumpy gravy version (the songs/tunes are not in that order)

well, i hope this video doesn’t get taken off by the Zappa Family Trust, or should I say Gail?

Frank Zappa ~ “I resent encroachment on the 1st amendment because I’m a constitution fundamentalist”

Everyone knows my position and opinion in regards to a lot of what the ZFT does, so I am usually not the one to leap to their defense. Yet, in this case, I certainly do.

The Frank Zappa music being muted of late on YouTube is not a result of the actions of the ZFT (though it might seem to be). These are the actions of WBG (Warner Brothers Group of Companies). Because Warner Brothers and YouTube do not have a contract, they have demanded that the music of all their artists be muted. As you recall, when Warner Brothers bought Rykodisc, Frank Zappa’s catalog once again became property of Warner Brothers.

It seems like it was only a matter of time before YouTube succumbed to corporate pressures (as has much of the internet). Though it does make one question crystal clear: if Zappa’s music isn’t being played on the radio, or on YouTube, then where? How do these actions effectively promote this artist if the avenues for promotion are so limited?