Beefheart Night at the Knitting Factory

Back on April 9th, 2008, Gary Lucas curated “Beefheart Night at the Knit“, a salute to the Music, Poetry and Art of Don Van Vliet, a/k/a Captain Beefheart.

Click here to view highlights of that night and backstage interviews with the evening’s many and various participants (thanks to Culture Clash).

Don Van Vliet might have been absent in body on this particular evening, yet his presence, and his affect on popular culture, art, and music is unquestionably undeniable.

A Concert For Jimmy

I guess by now you know that Jimmy Carl Black is battling a nasty cancer, and has been confronted with very heavy hospital bills in attempting to do so. To help out, a benefit concert is in the works. The gig is to take place on Sunday November 9 at Bridge House II, London, UK.

Confirmed bands at this point:

Special guests shall be announced shortly. Be sure to keep an eye out here.

Obviously, the banner above is free for copy/pasting. Spread the word!