Frank Zappa – Penguins In Bondage, 73-74

Ah, the memories, Barry. Especially from the 8th November 1974 WXRT radio broadcast of “Penguin In Bondage” from Frank Zappa’s performance at the Roxy on December 1973 (above) with various visual memories added later. Then a soundboard recording of “Penguin In Bondage” from St.Paul, Civic Center Arena on November 27th, 1974. Followed by a November 15th, 1974 performance of “Penguin In Bondage” at Memorial Auditorium in Buffalo, New York. And lastly, “Stockholm In Bondage” in Stockholm, Sweden on August 21st, 1973 for the Swedish program ‘Opopoppa Special’ (below).
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Son of Roxy & Elsewhere – DVD Preview

News from The Idiot Bastard: 1.) New ZPZ DVD sometimes: Son Of Roxy; 2.) new singer soon to be announced (ohh-ohh – might it be Ahmet?…), 3.) new post on the ZPZ blog, not really mentioning the above (yet?); and with some solo-samples.
The DVD above was recorded on the 12th of december – see the setlist here. I think I’ll¬†buy it – along with One Shot Deal.

ZPZ For Grammy

Pete Griffin bassist says:

As you may have heard, Zappa Plays Zappa has been nominated for a Grammy! We’re in the Best Rock Instrumental category for our live performance of “Peaches En Regalia.” Seeing as how I’ve always felt this song was three and half minutes of compositional genius, and that we painstakingly dissected the original recording to reproduce it live, I think we may have a decent chance of winning (over David Gilmour, Nine Inch Nails, Rush, and Metallica).

Update, from the ZPZ forums:

DZ announced at the top of the show that he has transferred the footage from his dad’s concert at the Roxy, 35 years ago to hi-def, and will finally be releasing it on DVD!!!!!