Dweezil Zappa: A Son of (a Mother of) Invention

Another big thing for next year is another DVD, our Roxy concert that we did 35 years to the date that Frank last played at the Roxy. We’re also working hard to complete Frank’s Roxy film, so hopefully both of those can get released by the end of 2010.

In an interview including also some other news: a new ZPZ CD, some other musical experimentations, Dweezil’s guitars, and the What the Hell Was I Thinking project – with a downloadable part from Zomby Woof’s solo.

2009: The Year Of Roxy?

Just a casual update from Balint on the ZPZ Grammy post:

Roxy To Be Released In 2009?

No official confirmation for this at all, but here’s what z dot com forum user Gregory had to say as an addendum to his review of ZPZ’s December 12 ’08 show at the Roxy:

I almost forgot! DZ announced at the top of the show that he has transferred the footage from his dad’s concert at the Roxy, 35 years ago to hi-def, and will finally be releasing it on DVD!

Yes: it’s hear-say, but (if this is really) coming from DZ I tend to give it a slight bit more credibility than most anything GZ sends out into the world…

Update: Sigh.