The Cardiacs in Rehearsal

Long before I had began writing and posting here at KUR, one of the many things which had attracted me to this weblog (and frankly, still does, years later) was all the new music I was exposed to on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis (via posts, comments, and various emails from band publicists throughout the world).
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The Radio Is Broken – Rehearsals, UMRK, 1980

A unique glimpse into Zappa‘s creative process as Frank Zappa and members of his Rockin’ Teenage Combo rehearse “The Radio Is Broken” from ‘The Man From Utopia’ on September 27th, 1980 at the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen.
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In France – and more (from ’82)

In France:

Mystery Song #4:


All the tunes above from a rehearsal in 1982 (04 06). I had to make a few cuts, because of the tape stops and restarts and laughters. But I hope it cannot be noticed (too much). ­čÖé Enjoy! (infos about the Mystery Song #4 here!)