ZPZ Wins At The Grammys

Dweezil Zappa’s ZPZ band has won this year’s Grammy for Best Rock Instrumental Performance:

“Did you feel it? The world actually fell off its axis,” said Dweezil Zappa, accepting the award for best rock instrumental performance for “Peaches en Regalia,” fighting back tears as he thought of his late father, Frank. “He dedicated this song to me when I was born and I’m dedicating it right back.”

All bickering aside, I think this is a well-deserved award for a band that is outstanding in what they originally set out to do. Kudos to Dweez and the ZPZ players.

Update 13/02: Here’s what Zappa had to say about the Grammys and award shows in general (taken from a BBC1 Zappa Special radio interview):
(Thx Rick Wood)