Freak Out In Cucamonga: An Update, Long Overdue

Those of you who’ve been reading this weblog for more than just a couple of years may remember our coverage of Adam Fiorenza’s documentary on FZ’s Cucamonga days, aptly titled “Freak Out In Cucamonga”, featuring interviews with the likes of Paul Buff (PAL Studios), Dick Barber, Jim “Motorhead” Sherwood, Don Preston, Roy Estrada, and Weird Al Yancovic. Although at the time, seven years ago no less, this project had gained traction and interest, it sort of withered away and went into hibernation. Here’s the initial trailer, with artwork from Sharleena and me:

Having [re]discovered this rather sublime trailer on my hard disk drive just a week ago, I had to email Adam to find out if the project is still en route in some way, making its way to an official release.

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Cucamonga Era Recordings Re-released

This just in, by way of Andrew:

Crossfire Publications is making the first six of 32 download-only albums taken from Paul Buff’s recordings made at Pal Studios and Original Sound Studios available at and iTunes (others companies will also get these albums soon).

Here are details of the first batch as provided by Greg Russo, who says: “It took more than three years of work to restore and master more than 400 recordings, but we’re almost there.”