Cucamonga Era Recordings Re-released

This just in, by way of Andrew:

Crossfire Publications is making the first six of 32 download-only albums taken from Paul Buff’s recordings made at Pal Studios and Original Sound Studios available at and iTunes (others companies will also get these albums soon).

Here are details of the first batch as provided by Greg Russo, who says: “It took more than three years of work to restore and master more than 400 recordings, but we’re almost there.”

2 thoughts on “Cucamonga Era Recordings Re-released”

  1. Crossfire does an excellent job releasing Zappa related material. This latest batch is just another in a long list of must have albums that will take their place in my collection.

  2. Wow, incredible news. I never would have imagined that I would see this day. I am curious, however; as to why these are only being offered as “digital releases.” I would gladly pay a few dollars more to own high-fidelity hard copies if you know what I mean. Anyone? Ah, but I know me and I’ll have to have these in my collection. As urbangraffito states, and I agree, these are must have albums. I am thinking that the Mono versions would be the best way to go. What are you all thinking?

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