You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore Vol 5


  1. The Downtown Talent Scout
  2. Charles Ives
  3. Here Lies Love
  4. Piano/Drum Duet
  5. Mozart Ballet
  6. Chocolate Halvah
  7. JCB & Kansas On The Bus # 1
  8. Run Home Slow: Main Title Theme
  9. The Little March
  10. Right There
  11. Where Is Johnny Velvet?
  12. Return Of The Hunch-Back Duke
  13. Trouble Every Day
  14. Proto-Minimalism
  15. JCB & Kansas On The Bus # 2
  16. My Head?
  17. Meow
  18. Baked-Bean Boogie
  19. Where’s Our Equipment?
  20. FZ/JCB Drum Duet
  21. No Waiting For The Peanuts To Dissolve
  22. A Game Of Cards
  23. Underground Freak-Out Music
  24. German Lunch
  25. My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama


  1. Easy Meat
  2. Dead Girls Of London
  3. Shall We Take Ourselves Seriously?
  4. What’s New In Baltimore
  5. Moggio
  6. Dancin’ Fool
  7. RDNZL
  8. Advance Romance
  9. City Of Tiny Lites
  10. A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)
  11. Doreen
  12. The Black Page # 2
  13. Geneva Farewell

5 thoughts on “You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore Vol 5”

  1. disc 1 has some excellent Mothers material! I wish the whole set was devoted to them. Baked Bean Boogie and Underground Freak-Out Music will prove that they were capable of being the most psychadelic sounding group of the ’60’s. Disc 2 is a great example of the ’82 band.

  2. This is my favorite of the YCDTOSA series. I think. :-) Disc 2. is… god, it’s perfect! I cant stand sitting while listenning to this – I have to jump up, “jump right up and hit the floor”: this material is so lively, energic, and professional, I’m completely amazed. RDNZL with Vai and Ed Mann… Unbelieveable!
    (well, i like disc I. too…)

  3. Disc One is the originial Mothers of Invention from 1965 through 1969. Disc Two is the 1982 band live in concert. Overall this is a great set. I found the 1960s material of greater interest personally simply because I haven’t (at the time this set came out) heard as much live material from this period as from the 1982 band. I perfer this approach to the more mixed-up cut -and-paste assemblages that are Volumes 1 & 4; but, hey, it’s all great stuff, so why nitpick? Just sit back and enjoy it.

  4. I play Disc 2 of this every week! The version of ‘RDNZL’ on this is one of the greatest pieces of music ever performed by anyone anywhere!

  5. Sorry, folks, also not one of the strongest in the “You Can’t Do That..” series. Please remember that any negative review in my book about Frank Zappa is RELATIVE in that “bad” Frank is still essentially EONS better than most other artists BEST, which speaks volumes to my own biases.

    Anyhoo, “Vol. 5” is slow to me because of disc one. I am a huge early Mothers fan, but the compilation and sequencing is really a mess, lacking the organized chaos that made “Weasels Ripped My Flesh” such a masterpiece of early Mothers. The individual pieces are interesting, but aren’t connected with any strong DEFINITIVE early Mothers songs, aside from Trouble Every Day and “My Guitar”…

    Since this is the only disc in the series that is dedicated to the early Mothers, I expected much more.

    Now, as for disc two with the unbelievable 1982 band, WOW!! This line-up for that tour year is painfully unrepresented with live Zappa releases, and this disc is truly worth the price of admission. If there is any other 1982 live band stuff in the FZT vault, it would still be sorely appreciated by the fans out here in the “Real World”. Frank always said that the 1982 band knew the biggest repetoire of his material, so it is sad that this single disc represents the only available live document of that band.

    SO, worth it for disc 2, if you want good old Mothers live stuff, go with “Burnt Weeny”, “Weasels”, and many of the “Beat the Boots” selections (like the “Ark-1968”, and “Electric Aunt Jemima”)

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