You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore Vol 4


  1. Little Rubber Girl
  2. Stick Together
  3. My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama
  4. Willie The Pimp
  5. Montana
  6. Brown Moses
  7. The Evil Prince
  8. Approximate
  9. Love Of My Life Mudd Club Version
  10. Let’s Move To Cleveland Solos (1984)
  11. You Call That Music?
  12. Pound For A Brown Solos (1978)
  13. The Black Page (1984)
  14. Take Me Out To The Ball Game
  15. Filthy Habits
  16. The Torture Never Stops Original Version


  1. Church Chat
  2. Stevie’s Spanking
  3. Outside Now
  4. Disco Boy
  5. Teen-Age Wind
  6. Truck Driver Divorce
  7. Florentine Pogen
  8. Tiny Sick Tears
  9. Smell My Beard
  10. The Booger Man
  11. Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy
  12. Are You Upset?
  13. Little Girl Of Mine
  14. The Closer You Are
  15. Johnny Darling
  16. No, No Cherry
  17. The Man From Utopia
  18. Mary Lou

8 thoughts on “You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore Vol 4”

  1. The BoogerMan rocks! The Torture Never Stops is also a real treat. Out of all the compilations in this series I seem to like this one the best.

  2. The Original Version of “The Torture Never Stops” featuring Captain Beefheart makes this set for me, but there is so much more: the early Mothers Jim Morrison parody of “Tiny Sick Tears”;the “Smell My Beard/Booger Man” sequence; the do-wop covers finale on disc two. Like Volume 1, this one is all over the place, but it is fun to listen to throughout.

  3. “Outside now” is an extremely dark and cynical cut that somehow manages to reveal itself to be an almost childlike cry for artistic autonomy from the “Executive kind of guys”.The homosexual erotic reference is a not so subtle stab at the industry managers.
    “Brown Moses” seems to be an other take on turning white conventional mythology on its head. I think Zappa was throwing Heston and DeMille in our faces “along with some of this baby pee”!
    “The Black Prince” is the seminal cut of this compilation. An FU towards Webber’s mediocrity
    and the public’s seemingly blind (and deaf)lemmings to the sea type of acceptance of Broadway’s blandness and lack of originality.
    “The Black page” should be the final practical exam piece for any Julliard or Berklee grad. Stevie Vie played this at his audition.Was good enough for Zappa.

  4. This, along with Vol. 2, is my favorite of the Stage series. The 1978 Pound keyboard solos are masterful, we are treated to Archie Shepp, and FZ unloads the highlights of the 1984 tour: the doo-wop medley and the breakneck Black Page. Throw in the insane Stevie’s Spanking Zappa-Vai guitar duel and the 1988 band’s baseball commentary, and you have a 2-DC winner.

  5. Brilliant, as usual. Note to ZFT: Can we have YCDTOSA Vols 7-10 with some unreleased Zappa live stuff we haven’t heard yet such as some of the stuff from the Bongo Fury tour and more ‘audience participation’?

  6. I don’t know about Vol. IV. Of course I lapped it up desperately when it came out, but it doesn’t seem as focused as the first three volumes or volume 6. the edits between the different bands don’t seem to “connect” on a bigger level for me (i.e. conceptual continuity and all that). I am also slightly disillusioned with Frank’s insistence on constantly releasing different versions of the same originals when all fans know that there are so many other live concert treasures lurking in the vault. I mean honestly, do we really need every different version of “The Black Page”, “The Torture Never Stops” and “Sharleena” ever played live? Many times I wish that as wonderful as ALL Zappa music is, we (the fans) get to hear a much fuller, broader picture of the live concert work that just what got re-worked time and time again. I know that Frank obsessively ripped apart every single piece from every single concert in search of selections that for him reached specific levels of satisfaction, but there are souls in this world who honestly do care about hearing it all. Is that so wrong?

    Vol. IV is not as strong a compilation as the others, but in my opinion, that lies in the editing and sequencing, not the quality of the playing and music contained therein.

    C’mon, it’s ZAPPA, so it’s ALWAYS worth listening to ALL THE TIME!!

  7. Like Variety??? Lots here which makes this such a fun compilation. Highlights include a raging Stevie’s , Cleveland with Archie Shepp, Brown Moses because its a good song and rare, Pound picks up right in the middle of some fierce improv circa 78. These are great live moments were frank lets these amazing musicians do their thing.

    Carolina, Truck Drive, and Filthy all have great Frank solo’s. Also Outside Now deserves mention for such an emotional performance.

  8. my favorite of this series, even if it is mostly the ’84 band.
    Church Chat, Tiny Sick Tears and Love of My Life at the Mudd Club, still are favorites. The Torture which is a must for any mildly interested in Zappa or Beefheart and the Filthy Habits and Outside Now that others have mentioned are right up there in my favorite versions of these classics THAT PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD SHOULD KNOW AS WELL AS DREAM ON OR STAIRWAY. But they don’t.

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