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Released: 14 September 2004


  1. Naval Aviation In Art?
  2. Lumpy Gravy
  3. Rollo
  4. Drooling Mirage Accountants In Easter Hay
  5. Wild Love
  6. Ship Ahoy
  7. Chunga Basement
  8. Venusian Time Bandits
  9. Waka/Jawaka
  10. Basement Music #2

10 thoughts on “QuAUDIOPHILIAc”

  1. Rollo, Chunga Basement and Waka really knocked me out. If Frank had mixed all of his records in surround I would buy them all again! Much better than Halloween.

  2. Very good, especially Chunga Basement…even for those of us who still rely on venerable stereo sound.

  3. Chunga’s Basement is a revelation. Hearing a track like this gives me more insight into FZ’s creative process and the way compositions evolved than the rather underwhelming Joe’s Domage. All the tracks are fine but Rollo also stands out.

  4. Wow – just wow. Rollo is indeed “fuckin’ bitchin” – but so is the rest of this album. My personal favorite: “Waka Jawaka”. Must have.

  5. A much better offering from the ZFT than Joe’s Domage. Dweezil and Joe actually took some trouble over this one and it stands up as bona fide addition to the FZ catalogue. The arguments about the long-term future of DTS 5.1 surround sound apart, this album contains some gems and would make a good introduction to FZ for new listeners. But perhaps that was the point – the ZFT and DTS getting together to promote their respective product. Nothing wrong with that; if hearing Wakajawaka on this album prompts someone to check out the Wakajawaka album (and then Grand Wazoo, and then…), I’m all for it!

  6. I finally got this one to-day…and it is great! The entire disc is great, but ‘Rollo’ and ‘Waka/Jawaka’ really do stand out on the disc. ANd finally, the second installment of the ‘Basement Music’ series–I’ve been waiting ever since THE LOST EPISODES. By and far, a great release from the ZFT. Keep it up!

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