Feeding The Monkies At Ma Maison

Released September 1st 2011

Executed by FZ on his Synclavier at UMRK, originally intended as a vinyl release.


  1. Feeding The Monkies At Ma Maison
  2. Buffalo Voice
  3. Secular Humanism
  4. Worms From Hell *
  5. Samba Funk *

* bonus tracks added by the ZFT

3 thoughts on “Feeding The Monkies At Ma Maison”

  1. This is a synclavier album. If you like the more challenging tracks off Jazz From Hell (eg. “While You Were Art 2”) or cant get enough of the longer work-outs on Civlization 3 (“Nite Lite” or “Beat the Reaper”) then this is a great find.

    If you dont, then it’ll probably sound like Frank noodling on a casio keyboard. And since there’s no cohesive melody to any of these tracks, the album tends to have an overall sound, while individual tracks come off as variations on each other.

    Basically, it lacks the sort of hooks which made up the more pop-based Jazz From Hell. Think of it as a Zappa symphony of sorts.

    I really enjoyed this one, though the title track sort of meandered. “Buffalo Voice” and “Secular Humanism” were the highlights for me. And with the bonus tracks, it comes to 56 minutes, which isnt bad for a ZFT posthumous release, which usually range from 25-50 minutes.

  2. I prefer the last track by far!

    Shame that Zappa couldn’t come up with a more clever title for it: perhaps “Samba Funk” was only the working title for that one since it wasn’t slated to be on the original vinyl release anyway. (It was bumped because FZ ‘probably’ thought it was too *commercial* and ‘straightforward’ sounding–compared to the other mind-benders on there anyway!) ;)

  3. …or maybe FZ dropped it from the planned vinyl release because he couldn’t come up with a good title for it! ;)

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