Carnegie Hall

Released: 31 October 2011
From a live concert on 1971/10/11 at NYC Carnegie Hall


  1. DISC ONE (tt 53:13)
    1. THE PERSUASIONS SHOW 1 (tt:25:44)
      1. I Just Can’t Work No Longer (Curtis Mayfield, Jerry Butler) 2:32
      2. Working All The Live Long Day/ Chain Gang (Trad./Sam Cooke) 2:20
      3. Medley #1 tt 7:28
      4. Pieces of A Man (Jerry Galen Foster, Wilburn Rice) 2:53
      5. Buffalo Soldier (David Barnes, Margaret Ann Lewis, Mira Ann Smith) 4:33
      6. Medley #2 tt 2:36
      7. Medley #3 tt 3:14
    2. FZ SHOW 1 (tt 27:29)
      1. Hello (to FOH)/ Ready?! (to the BAND) 1:03
      2. Call Any Vegetable 10:36
      3. Anyway The Wind Blows 4:00
      4. Magdalena* (Zappa/Kaylan) 6:08
      5. Dog Breath 5:41
  2. DISC TWO (tt 54:41) FZ SHOW 1
    1. Peaches En Regalia 4:24
    2. Tears Began To Fall 2:32
    3. Shove It Right In 6:32
    4. King Kong 30:25
    5. 200 MOTELS Finale 3:41
    6. Who Are The Brain Police? 7:08
  3. DISC THREE (tt 45:13) FZ SHOW 2
    1. Auspicious Occasion 2:45
    2. DIVAN (tt 19:45) 2011 persists of:
      1. Once Upon A Time 5:40
      2. Sofa #1 3:11
      3. Magic Pig 1:43
      4. Stick It Out 4:54
      5. Divan Ends Here 4:17
    3. Pound For A Brown 6:03
    4. Sleeping In A Jar 2:46
    5. Wonderful Wino* (Zappa/Simmons) 5:46
    6. Sharleena 4:52
    7. Cruising For Burgers 3:17
  4. DISC FOUR (tt 62:42) FZ SHOW 2
    1. Billy The Mountain – Part 1 28:33
    2. Billy The Mountain – the Carnegie solos 13:31
    3. Billy The Mountain – Part 2 5:37
    4. The $600 Mud Shark Prelude 1:27
    5. The Mud Shark 13:35

6 thoughts on “Carnegie Hall”

  1. This 4cd set exists in that nether region between Montreux and Playground Psychotics. An absolute must for any Mothers and Zappa diehard and completist. For what is little more than a glorified official bootleg, Vaulternative continues their practice of gouging the Zappa fan base. If asked, I’d have to say this release fits in with the Joe’s Corsage type releases from Vaulternative. Too few actual gems of new material or new versions to make this release overall worthwhile and worthy of the hefty cost. Damn, I’ve gotten up the ass so many time from Vaulternative, they should think of branching out into selling butt plugs as well…

  2. 4cds featuring two Mothers concerts and an unrelated, non-Zappa Persuasions set. The inclusion of the Persuasions makes it the weirdest release in the catalogue. I’m a big Flo and Eddie-era fan, and I love the Persuasions, so you can imagine how much I’m loving this release.

    The sound is A-/B+, the speaking bits between the music is a bit buried, but otherwise the sound’s on par with Filmore and Just Another Band. Both bands are in great form, as usual, delivering high powered performances of standard songs and some intense jam work outs on King Kong, Pound for a Brown, Sleeping in a Jar and Billy Mount. solos (the song Studebaker Hok’s always been the highlight, for me, of the Flo and eddie era, and it’s great to hear a 15+ minute version).

    As Urban touches on a common complaint of this release, that a lot of this material has been released on Playground Psychotics, Filmore and Just Another Band from LA (though these are different shows). REPETITIVE. Which is fair, Gail and co. should get their act together and put these tracks up on iTunes so folks can decide what they want to hear.

    Should they have cut this release down? No. I love every second of it. Besides, Playground, Fil and Just are fragments, best-of compilations, and have always sounded (to me) jarring, suffering from too much editing. It’s great to hear what the band was like, from start to finish.

    In a perfect world where Gail had a decent distributor, or was selling her tapes to Ryko, so that you could walk into a store and buy Carnegie Hall at a fair price (remember the mid-late 90’s, before the catalogue went out of print?), I’d say CH renders the aforementioned, problematic albums obsolete.

    Unless you’re a completionist, if you have this one you dont need them, and vice versa. And if it came down to it, I’d rather have Carnegie. So if you dont have any Flo/Eddie live stuff, this one’s as definitive as it’s gonna get.

    I’ll give the devil her due, this is one Hell of a release.

  3. Well, I did it today. Sold the whole stinkin’ lot of Mothers/Zappa on cd. Couldn’t ever get used to the inferior sound, bad edits and Zappa “improvements”. Never listened to them after the first few listens and got tired of pushing them around. Sold ’em. They are now blank, empty space on my cd shelf. You shoulda been there. Bargains to be had – if that’s the sort of thing you’re into.

    And to the point – Flo and Eddie – Who needs more of ’em at this time and place, anyway?

  4. I miss the maestro. There are still days when I read about “the next big genius”, take a chance and purchase the “artist’s” slice of Nirvana, realize quickly that is one more piece of shite, and then feel completely convinced that music, if not dead, is certainly on life support. And then I put on the maestro and all is well. Buy this as quickly as you can. It is Zappa. Does it break any new ground? Who gives a shit – it is Frank
    Zappa and you will feel again just what the world is missing. As much as I miss Lennon and Hendrix, I miss the maestro more. Please keep these gems coming.

  5. attendre aussi longtemps, pour un live dans une salle prestigieuse!!dommage le son en mono!c est bien pour ecouter charlie parker mais les mothers c etais avant tout la scene!! le son en stereo c est tout le charme de c ette epoque, j aurais aime entendre une musique comme filmore west! ou est!! jai du mal a conprendre pourquoi ce choix du mono avec ce son sans relief!! esperont que la zappa family nous sortiras autre chause tel mothers 1971 ainssi vas l histoire!!

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