Cheaper the Better – Lyrically Zappa

While many focus on Frank Zappa, the composer, so very often Zappa, the songwriter, is overlooked. Perhaps due to the nature of Zappa’s lyrics, themselves, which often take direct aim at human sexuality, and sexual mores in 20th Century American culture – satirizing its norms, its values, its purported virtues of family, of home, of church. From the release of Freak Out onward, Zappa took direct aim with his songs, and his lyrics, at the foibles he saw and witnessed about him. No one and no thing was beyond the scope of his sardonic eyebrow.

In this mixtape, “Cheaper the Better – Lyrically Zappa“, I’ve gathered together, from multiple sources, well over 150 individual tracks – mostly from live field recordings by Frank Zappa and his various ensembles, others performed by various alumni, and still others from covers by exceptionally talented musicians and bands. As a bonus, I’ve added several songs as they were released as singles.

Click here to listen to the mixtape.


Author: urbangraffito

I am a writer, editor, publisher, philosopher, and foole (not necessarily in that order). Cultural activist and self-described anarchist.

5 thoughts on “Cheaper the Better – Lyrically Zappa”

  1. satirizing it’s norms, it’s values,

    Ahem. It’s “ITS” .

    The crux of the biscuit is NO APOSTROPHE!

  2. [quote comment=”27929″]satirizing it’s norms, it’s values,

    Ahem. It’s “ITS” .
    Indeed. As Editor In Chief™, I have rectified this erroneous usage of apostrophes. Its a dirty job but somebodys gotta do it!

  3. An early grade school teacher said it best, “The poor ol’ possessive its doesn’t even possess its own apostrophe.”

    I try to remember that everytime I write a college thesis or anarchy piece.

  4. Please forgive my lapse in grammar and usage, folks, and thanks Barry for rectifying my “erroneous usage of apostrophes” – after hours of editing 150 plus tracks, what little grasp I had left on the English language was fleeting fast toward the realm of QUENTIN ROBERT DeNAMELAND!

  5. [quote comment=”27946″]…editing 150 plus tracks…[/quote]

    I’d be misplacing a few more things than simple apostrophe’s here and there.

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