“New York, New York” Zappa Style – KUR’s Halloween Mix

Christians have Christmas, Jews have Passover, and Muslims have the holy month of Ramadan. For a Zappa/Mothers freak like myself, though, no day in the calendar year is more important than Halloween. Frank Zappa and Halloween in New York City became a tradition onto itself in the 1970s and early 1980s. It’s no surprise that whenever he decided to release live albums and videos and DVDs, New York was the backdrop. If Los Angeles was his home, New York was his home away from home. It was where he seemed to let his hair down most, so to speak, and where he had the most fun with the freaks and denizens which were his fans.

To commemorate this particular Halloween, KUR-Meisters, I joined forces with the great Magic Fingers, and together we have compiled for you a massive Halloween mix entitled: “New York, New York” Zappa Style – KUR’s Halloween Mix.

Click here to listen to the mix.

“Happy Halloween, everybody!”

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10 thoughts on ““New York, New York” Zappa Style – KUR’s Halloween Mix”

  1. Without having listened to the whole of this mix-tape, but having scrolled down the list (which took ten minutes by itself), I’d like to be the first to thank Urban and Magic for compiling yet another beautiful monster – goodness gracious this is gong to be a good day for doing nothing much!

    Just makes you wonder what that Halloween DVD-A album could’ve really been like if they’d put their minds to it way back when that was released…

    So, thanks guys – you are Good People!

  2. Happy Halloween, everybody!

    New York 1978, another chance of an outstanding concert release completely missed with the DVD-A.

    BTW, Watermelon with Shankar – GREAT!


  3. “For a Zappa/Mothers freak like myself, though, no day in the calendar year is more important than Halloween.”:)
    You said it, UrbanG. Thanks to you & Magic for this amazing mix.

    Happy Halloween to all my KUR friends!

  4. Fellow KUR-Meisters:

    There has been some misunderstanding as to the nature of this mixtape. While, by and large, the majority of tracks come from Palladium shows running up to and on Halloween, the tracks in this mixtape are not only a celebration of Frank Zappa and Halloween, but of the fans and denizens of New York City and New York State as well. For this reason tracks from the Dec 76 Palladium run of shows are the mix, as well as bit and pieces from concerts from in and around New York City and New York State. For that reason this mix is called: “New York, New York” Zappa Style – KUR’s Halloween Mix.

    For those purists, however, I simply suggest that they do not listen to those tracks, and confine themselves to those tracks performed on Halloween.

  5. [quote comment=”14932″]saw a few of my recordings in the mix.
    thanks for spreading the love.


    Thanks for the countless hours of enjoyment, Grape!

  6. I love Shankar’s Indian stylings, so thanks for the opportunity to hear more of him, UG!

  7. There are a couple of Wild Loves here that are truly amazing, and I understand why people miss the monster version on HO HO HO. Watermelon in Easter Hay with Shankar is also incredible, and must be released properly som day, along with other Shankar impros. He expanded Zappa’s palette so beautifully!

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