Duo Disecheis plays Frank Zappa

Recorded Live at Incontri Musicali a Pergola – Sala dell’Abbondanza, Pergola (PU-Italy) on October 26th, 2008.

The superimposition of two sounds with different pitches. It was considered dysechia: an unpleasant and disagreeable sound. Yet time and again things that have been considered foreign synchronically have diachronically proven to be decisive for the most important revolutions in artistic languages. This is the inspiration behind the Duo Disecheis, oriented towards dissonance viewed broadly as a contrast: convergence-divergence.

The Duo Disecheis perfectly exemplifies what has always attracted me to the music of Frank Zappa – the superimposition of contrasts – sounds with different pitches, different rhythms and melodies, consonance and dissonance, convergence and divergence.

The Duo Disecheis was formed in November 2001 by saxophonist David Brutti and pianist Filippo Farinelli with the common goal of disseminating 20th-century and contemporary chamber music.

The Duo Disecheis has recorded with Materiali Sonori (“Con-Di-Vergenze”), RaiRadioTre and MaxResearch (“Cracks”). As a trio with the clarinettist Guido Arbonelli, it also recorded a CD for the Domanimusica label (“Gaudeamus … in Perugia”).

Click here to listen to further samples of Duo Disecheis music, including their version of Frank Zappa‘s “BeBop Tango” from ‘Cracks‘.

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