6 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement”

  1. It sounds like Frank Zappa; he really does mean it, but he can’t stop himself from going over-the-top with his delivery, he likes cheepniz and cheezy.

  2. C’mon kiddies, sing Uncle Frank a song and maybe, just maybe, he drop a package of Winstons into your goody bag along with some freshly ground Columbian coffee beans.

  3. It’s interesting to hear Zappa using the master tape of Montana here. I guess he’d just got hold of the tapes, and was thinking up all sorts of uses to improve the cash flow, as well as the conceptual continuity.

    On the evidence of this ADA promo, it seems that Uncle Frank was a bit less purist about his old material than many fans, though…

    Remember Duck Man? Could that be the project with the most extensive plan for recirculation of old masters?

    SUAPYG, Porn Wars, Thing-Fish and CPIII come to mind also, as examples of more creative recirculation.

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