Frank Zappa – Sleeping In A Jar (Animated)

This piece of early animation set to “Sleeping In A Jar” excerpted from the Swedish TV program ‘Spotlight: Stockholm, Sweden‘ originally broadcast on December 4, 1971, begins and ends with Frank Zappa’s commentary on the possibility of the merging of music and animation mediums in advertising. Given the date, era and technology, it is truly amazing how much of a witting futurist Zappa was with MTV and music videos another ten years away, and the advent of the Internet and the World Wide Web another ten years after that.

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5 thoughts on “Frank Zappa – Sleeping In A Jar (Animated)”

  1. This is what I always thought the Uncle Meat movie would look like back in the day, although I don’t know if I would have apprciated 2 hours of it…

  2. I don’t mind sleeping in a jar, as long as I’m with the 7Up girl and the pole dancer from Japan!

    But seriously folks . . . Is the complete interview above available on the zappateer tracker? It was just getting interesting when it abruptly ended.

  3. [quote comment=”11978″]Is the complete interview above available on the zappateer tracker? [/quote]
    [quote comment=”12018″]Indeed it is: Sleeping in a Jar segment is there, but not the interview that starts and finishes the animation above.
    UrbanG, where did you find this and is there more to this interview with Frank talking about animation?

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