The Grande Mothers Re:Invented – Viva Brazil, 2010

KUR recently received an email from The Grande Mothers Re:Invented thanking “the fans, the promoters, the crews, and everyone behind the scenes who support their performances, making these concerts and tours possible.”


The GMSRI receive many letters from fans, many of them asking: “When are the GMSRI coming to “fill in your choice of city,state, country here.”

The standard reply is: “They would love to perform there, they just need the following logistics taken care of – airfare, ground transportation, promotion, instruments etc., etc., etc.”

In 2009, the GMSRI received an inquiry from a fan in BRAZIL. After the usual reply, they received communications from promoters who wanted the GMSRI to perform there (FYI – The maestro never performed with any of his ensembles in South America).

Paperwork was taken care of. LOTS OF PAPERWORK. Logistics etc., etc. Knowing the maestro never performed there, and that his music is in English, the language of Brazil is Portugese, and that little to no radio play exists there for ZAPPA music, the Grande Mothers were not really sure what to expect. With fans barely able to to communicate in English, they were very able to sing every word of ZAPPA‘s lyrics in English, such as “Oh No” at the Inferno Club in São Paulo, Brazil on May 14th, 2010:


The joy of making this music “come to LIFE” by the band, music is a living and breathing experience not a museum piece, especially the music of the MAESTRO, the power and joy of the fans hearing the music performed by these guys for the first time, musicians who were “in the band”  when it was a band is overwhelming for the fans at the live performances, tears were flowing from the audience as they sang all the words, and when they performed songs without lyrics, yeah, the fans sang all the melodies too.

The GMSRI perform “Peaches En Regalia” at Virada Cultural in São Paulo on May 15th, 2010 with 40,000 of their closest friends:

“Hungry Freaks Daddy” at the Inferno Club in São Paulo, Brazil on May 14th, 2010:

“Orange County Lumber Truck Medley” at the Inferno Club in São Paulo, Brazil on May 14th, 2010:

The GMSRI are very aware of the fans, and their feelings toward the band which is why they make the time after every show to come out, say hello and sign album covers, CDs, posters and whatever else can be signed by a magic marker.

Their May 13th, 2010, São Paulo show is currently available for torrent from Zappateers, here. Enjoy the following excerpts:

Hungry Freaks, Daddy (Inferno Club, São Paulo, Brazil, 13 May 2010)
[audio:20100608_02 Hungry Freaks Daddy.mp3]

Pound For A Brown (Inferno Club, São Paulo, Brazil, 13 May 2010)
[audio:20100608_04 Pound For A Brown.mp3]

Chunga’s Revenge (Inferno Club, São Paulo, Brazil, 13 May 2010)
[audio:20100608_08 Chunga’s Revenge.mp3]

Florentine Pogen (Inferno Club, São Paulo, Brazil, 13 May 2010)
[audio:20100608_12 Florentine Pogen.mp3]

Holiday In Berlin (Inferno Club, São Paulo, Brazil, 13 May 2010)
[audio:20100608_15 Holiday In Berlin.mp3]

Little House I Used To Live In (Inferno Club, São Paulo, Brazil, 13 May 2010)
[audio:20100608_17 Little House I Used To Live In (incl. Call It Stormy Monday).mp3]

More Trouble Every Day (Inferno Club, São Paulo, Brazil, 13 May 2010)
[audio:20100608_21 More Trouble Every Day.mp3]

King Kong (Inferno Club, São Paulo, Brazil, 13 May 2010)
[audio:20100608_29 King Kong.mp3]

The Grande Mothers Re:Invented are:

Napoleon Murphy Brock – vocals, saxophone, flute
Don Preston – piano, synthesizer, vocals
Roy Estrada – bass, vocals
Miroslav Tadic – guitar
Christopher Garcia – drums, vocals

They will be back in EU July 15 thru August 2 2010, Canada in November 2010, and in South America in 2011.


for BOOKING INQUIRES drop a line to

Note: text in italic is from original GMSRI email.

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4 thoughts on “The Grande Mothers Re:Invented – Viva Brazil, 2010”

  1. I am the most proeminent (and quite bad) voice singing in the Peaches en Regalia video at the Virada Cultural.

    One of the most beautiful moments of my entire life, even though that show was quite shorter than the others. I hope they REALLY come again, and also make a show in my city. Hell, if even Porto Alegre had one, why Belo Horizonte can’t?

    I have Zapped dozens of people myself.

  2. I really do envy you, Cotti. Listening to the Peaches en Regalia video at the Virada Cultural, I never before witnessed such a large gathering of Zappa freaks sing a Zappa instrumental. I’m glad someone caught the moment on video for posterity. From the tone of their email to us here at KUR, and the sheer numbers of Brazilians that attended their shows, there is really no doubt in my mind that they plan to make a return visit. Speaking of band logistics, I can only hope that when they make it to Canada this November, the entire band will make it through Customs – the last tour, Napoleon Murphy Brock and Roy Estrada were refused entry into Canada at Vancouver International Airport:

    The only reason I can figure is someone must’ve leaked Napi’s latest version of “The Idiot (Stephen Harper) Bastard Son”

  3. I enjoy watching them so much more than ZPZ. Wow, what a difference. Miroslav especially blew me away…….

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