7 thoughts on “Best FZ Covers: Billy The Mountain by Eric Severinson”

  1. Billy was a piece I always struggled with, despite repeated listening attempts. I thought this was great…he really opened it up and in one fell swoop has showed the importance of covers.

  2. Thanks for posting this, Balint.

    “Billy the Mountain” has always been one of my favourite pieces by Zappa (and entirely under-appreciated by some of his fans, I think). It belongs alongside his other great epic songs: “Brown Shoes Don’t Make It”, “Holiday in Berlin, Full Blown” (with vocals), “The Adventures Of Greggery Peccary”, “Drowning Witch”, “I Come From Nowhere” and others. Each combines FZ’s dark sardonic humor with witty quotidian observations and FZ’s penchant for self mythologizing his place and his time in his songs while juxtaposing complex polyrhythms musically and vocally against one another.

    Eric Severinson’s cover achieves this effortlessly. Bravo.

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