FZ, Popular Music, Politics & A Cheesy Epilogue

Hot on the heels of Urbangraffito’s American Fascism post, here’s a freshly published paper by KUR reader and music academic Paul Carr, entitled “Dickie’s Such An Asshole”: Frank Zappa, Popular Music and Politics.

As afficionados, many of us make the mistake of labeling this kind of introductory information as “obvious” and “duh, nothing new there”. But you know what? I’d love to be that ignorant yet curious fifteen year old kid out there who’s right now reading this post, and clicking that link. In fact, I envy that first, one-of-a-kind thrill of what s/he’s about to discover.

2 thoughts on “FZ, Popular Music, Politics & A Cheesy Epilogue”

  1. From very early on in my Zappa/Mothers mania, Barry, I always admired Frank’s steadfastness in giving the middle finger to everyone who deserved it – the pompous, the hypocritical, the egotistical, the self-indulgent – even himself (when he figured he deserved a good thrashing like every good Catholic Boy should). Above all, though, he saved his special contempt for politicians, religious fanatics, and those buffoons who followed them blindly (and donated millions to their elections). All one really needed was a heavy dose of common sense to see one through all the layers of bullshit. In an age where PhD’s aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on – FZ’s wisdom is both necessary and missed.

  2. [quote comment=”9787″]In an age where PhD’s aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on…[/quote]
    A year ago, I’d have said “ouch,” but I have to say instead “ba-zing!”, because you’re right.

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