Zappa, Frank – 200 Motels DVD

As mentioned in the comments by LA Guru, heeeere’s Zappa’s 200 Motels:

Released on DVD for the first time, by original director Tony Palmer, is this flawed masterpiece of circa 1970 Frank Zappa craziness. Obviously shot in a very short time on a very low budget, some of this drags, but some of it is really funny and/or spot-on; I still see the ‘re-education camp for musicians’ sequence in my dreams


10 thoughts on “Zappa, Frank – 200 Motels DVD”

  1. meh…

    … but it’s a shame they made such an amateurish mess of Dave McMacken’s original artwork.

  2. Oh wow, that site has some great stuff for sale (e.g., who knew that Akaten CDs are available in the US?).

  3. [quote comment=”9538″]

    Released on March 8th according to Amazon[/quote]

    Thanks! I’ll be the first in line to buy it!

  4. Who need this? The Original Master is gone by Ryco, so this piece of easy money don’t need respect.
    No dime for it.

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