Frank Zappa & the Mothers in Stockholm, 1973

One of my favorite performances by any Zappa ensemble is this particular performance by the early Roxy band (prior to the arrival of Napoleon Murphy Brock and Chester Thompson, and featuring Ian Underwood on woodwinds) at Soliden, Skansen, Stockholm, Sweden, August 21, 1973, which was originally divided into two Swedish television broadcasts (parts of which became the source for the bootleg, Piquantique). There are a lot of extended solos by each of the members of Mothers, making these clips very worthwhile viewing and listening.


Cosmik Debris (above)
Kung Fu
Penguin In Bondage

Oppåpoppa Special:

Dupree’s Paradise I
Dupree’s Paradise II
Farther Oblivion I
Farther Oblivion II
Farther Oblivion III
BeBop Tango I
BeBop Tango II

The Mothers Of Invention:

Frank Zappa–guitar, vocals

Tom Fowler–bass

Bruce Fowler–trombone

Jean-Luc Ponty–violin
Ian Underwood— woodwinds 

George Duke–keyboards
, synthesizer
Ruth Underwood–percussion

Ralph Humphrey–drums

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9 thoughts on “Frank Zappa & the Mothers in Stockholm, 1973”

  1. I’m home sick. Thanks for the “chicken soup”, UrbanG. Mmm . . . tasty.
    I feel better already!

  2. I was fortunate enough to see this line-up of the Mothers on this very tour. Brilliant. I can’t remember what trousers they were wearing though.

  3. Not difficult to understand why, back in the day, some of us Rhodes players idolized George Duke.

    I especially like the music from this concert which later became ‘Cucamonga’.

  4. I love this band too, and electric pianos. It is also a good week to live at 12 mile and woodward in Michigan. I will get to see Ike twice, the 16th and the 21st, both shows about 3 miles from my house! Then P/O in Lansing(45min) with Ike and Ray on new years eve. Aint this what living is really all about!

  5. The fine folks at Zappateers are seeding a spiffed-up, pre-broadcast copy of this concert here:

    Audio: Pre Broadcast Master LPCM (RDNZL)
    Video: Pre Broadcast Master (RDNZL)
    Lineage: Betacam > VHS > DV > Editing > DVD
    Video: 720 × 576, 4:3, 25 fps, 7.50 Mbps
    Audio: PCM stereo, 48 kHz, 1.54 Mbps

    Get it, probably as good as it’s gonna get barring an official release.

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