2 thoughts on “Lady Bianca: Queen of The Blues, 2009”

  1. What a classy woman. Quite definitely the “Queen of the Blues.” Though her tenure with FZ was brief (one month), her versions of “Dirty Love” and especially “You Didn’t Try To Call Me” and her accompanying harmonies to the FZ standard “Black Napkins” made them all uniquely memorable versions within the Zappa canon. FZ certainly had an affinity for the blues.

  2. Such a shame she was one of the casualties (as I understand it) of the dumber element of the fan base (presumably the guys who shout for Dinah-Moe Humm during those quiet sensitive bits you sometimes get on the concerts (I was listening to one of those rare Sleep Dirt/Black Napkins the other day with just such an asshole shouting next to the taper)) always wanting her to get her tits out… hence the brilliant ‘rat’s dick’ riposte mentioned in one of the other threads.

    Urban’s right – the versions with her on of those songs are unique in the cannon and You Didn’t Try To Call Me in particular becomes an emotionally charged real song rather than the comedy/parody vehicle it seems to be with all the blokes singing it.

    This line-up’s Boston shows were among the first tape trades I got way back when and remain favourites.


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