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Le Labostrophe is a fellowship between freelance audio/video freak technicians, whose goals are :

– To make available to present-day art makers an original & professional video and/or audio creation, in accordance with their own budget and complementary to their own creative universe;

– To combine on each project the most suitable human resources and work method;

– To contribute to display of artists offering an indispensable alternative to present culture;

– To cause an emulation among its members in order to create Labostrophe‘s own projects.

Labostrophe‘s videos first came to my attention by their treatment of the subject matter (a level of semi-professionalism not found in many online videos – particularly Zappa-related videos), then that they actually made their service available to bands (some of which you may or may not agree need to improve their online video presence).

Check out the following Labostrophe‘s videos including Zappatika’s “The Torture Never Stops”, the Mats Morgan Trio performing “Daisy” at the Festival Tambours de Fete, and Ensemble de Basse-Normandie performing “Watermelon in Easter Hay”:

Zappatika – The Torture Never Stops

Mats Morgan Trio @ Festival Tambours de Fete

Ensemble de Basse-Normandie – Watermelon in Easter Hay

Contact Le Labostrophe Videos with video ideas, projects and concepts at lelabostrophe@gmail.com

Author: urbangraffito

I am a writer, editor, publisher, philosopher, and foole (not necessarily in that order). Cultural activist and self-described anarchist.

3 thoughts on “Le Labostrophe Videos”

  1. Beautiful solemn “high brow” version of Watermelon…!

    (The guitarist captures the minimalist ‘essence’ of the piece–not thoughtless wankery like some guys would’ve done it–and the orchestral backing is not “stuffy” sounding. Well Done!)

  2. Hi all,
    many thanks to urbangraffito for posting about us, including compliments we’re very glad of.

    Hope you’ll like these 3 modest videos.
    We’re actually working a lot to provide you, Zappa fans and music lovers, more concert videos filmed with more professionalism.

    Our new website, news blog and many extracts from Secret Chiefs III, Fred Frith, Marc Ribot, Zappanale #19 and 20 are coming soon.

    Let’s keep in touch 🙂

  3. I’m looking forward to viewing your new videos, Aurelien, especially of Zappanale #19 and 20. You would indeed be doing Zappadom a real service by filming and editing that great festival with far more professionalism than has been in the past. It’s important that each installment of Zappanale be properly documented, albeit for archival as well as entertainment purposes. Keep it up!

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