Get Yer Persuasions!

Got an email yesterday from Julie Lawson, whose husband is Jerry Lawson, former lead singer, arranger & producer of The Persuasions. She writes:

We wanted to let your readers know that the Persuasions tribute to Zappa is out of print & we have the last of them if anyone is interested. They are only $15 & bound to be a collectorโ€™s item if you care to let your readers know.

Get your copy here, while they last.

7 thoughts on “Get Yer Persuasions!”

  1. I really recommend The Persuasions Sing Zappa, Barry. They combine Zappa’s love of Doo Wop with incredible harmonies. A must have for any Zappa fan. And, yes, bound to be a collector’s item.

  2. [quote comment=”7203″]I know, we have the CD here at Barry Towers :)[/quote]

    Take good care, Barry – you are a father of a lovely child. Too much Zappa can drive you crazy. Any maybe a little ugly on the side. (Just kidding!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I agree with other posters: if you’re a Zappa fan and you don’t own this CD, I highly recommend it. Hearing the tunes done in the Persuasions style is quite revelatory, and sometimes genuinely funny in that they barely had to change some of the material at all!

    While you’re there I recommend Good Ship Lollipop, an album for kids that you’ll want to hear yourself.

  4. I will point out that the CD-R (really?) is available at as is the MP3-only version. However I am opting to buy from Jerry directly. Should we find out that they have run clean out due to this KUR post (and I bet they will) those left without can go the download route via the mammoth shopping portal.

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