5 thoughts on “Tuba Green Genes”

  1. Bravo! Bravo! What lungs this man possesses! And he sings, too! Love the raspberry at the end! Right back at ya, TubaMan!

  2. Nice Like the acapella! Tuba could have had a bit “fuller” tone, but that is just being picky.

    Also seek the Low Frequency Tuba Band – Zappateers has a link somewhere. They do Zappa and Hendrix tuba quartets.

  3. Nice Job! I just love the tone of a tuba. Prefect for Green Genes.
    I enjoyed it, but my 5 year old couldn’t get enough. I stopped her at three views, sorry. Lot’s of giggles.

    Mr. Tuba, I seriously think you should consider a career in children’s television. You’ve got kiddie appeal!

    Any ideas for a Zappa music themed kid show?

    How about, Tuba Tooting with Uncle Frankie?

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