8 thoughts on “Watch Out Bozzio…”

  1. Faster hands than a chef at Benihana wielding a Ginzu knife, and just as musical!
    (apologies if this comment comes across as Asian stereotype.)

  2. I think it’s completely inappropriate to mock and/or fault the guy in this video. After all, everything he said is accurate. “Rock and roll is very simple. Just 4 counts, and on every count, play the hi-hat.”

    Not terribly different from Uncle Frankie’s lecture about the 15,000 songs that sound just like “Charva I Love You But I Don’t Know What In The World To Do About It”. I also think of the mini-lesson in “Tiny Sick Tears”, and the How To Count 13/8 Lesson in “Thirteen”.

  3. This is excellent! As a friend of mine pointed out though, from the basics at the beginning to the craziness at the end is quite a steep learning curve!

  4. Wow! A drum kit in a keyboard?! What will they think of next?
    Personally, I waiting for the violin that sounds like a tuba.

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