Humor in Music — Z

Does humor belong in music? During this particular Z gig (NAMM, Hilton, Anaheim, CA) in late January, 1995, it did.

Bryan Beller:

The Z show was a private party for Peavey, with a special guest appearance by Dick Clark. We all got dressed up in fake costume stage tuxes and wore ZZ Top beards for a planned skit, before playing our only song of the evening: an even newer medley, one that spanned the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. It was fun, it was silly, it was Z in a nutshell.

Here are Parts III, IV, and V.

Z is:

Dweezil Zappa – guitar, vocals
Ahmet Zappa – vocals
Mike Keneally – guitar, vocals
Bryan Beller – bass
Joe Travers – drums

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5 thoughts on “Humor in Music — Z”

  1. This has been something a mate of mine and I always watch at around midnight when I am at his place and our wives go nuts saying “why on earth would you want to watch this yet again!!!”

    Dweezil looked like he had character in those days before he got “all serious and started being emotional about his dad on stage” as his persona.

  2. I really enjoyed these videos. I missed Z when they played Cleveland in 1994, due to a prior commitment. How could I be such a fool?

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