Zappa Radio Interview, New York, 1978

Frank Zappa, on the air with Mark Simone, October 30th, 1978, at WPIX-FM, New York, just prior to one of his annual (and albeit, infamous) Palladium concerts. It’s quite easy to see why these Palladium concerts were of the must see variety.

I wonder if the Warren that FZ is saying hello to “on air” is the same Warren Cuccurullo who later joined his band?

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  1. Warren Cuccurullo mentions on various occasions that he was a hardcore FZ fan before he was actually hired. This supports the theory that FZ is actually talking to the band-member-to-be Cuccurullo here.

  2. this is what Warren says:
    “By the time of Over-Nite Sensation I was completely into it. I thought “This is it!”. So I went to see him play at Brooklyn College, and I couldn’t imagine anything else like it in rock; the way he used Ruth, George, Chester, Tom, it was everything I ever wanted. Then I saw them again at the Forum in ’74 and I started taping the shows. By 1975 ten shows per tour on the East Coast. I followed the band with Terry, Patrick and Eddie in ’76, and I became friendly with Davey Moire – who is now my sound man; we’re both from Brooklyn – just before the Halloween shows. One night I was watching over his cases and he came back and said something about “…well, you know how Frank is.” And I said “No, I don’t. I’ve never met him.” And Davey was really surprised and said “Tomorrow night, come backstage.” (…)
    Anyway, I met Frank and he said “Come up to the soundcheck” and I kind of followed him around. I watched him on some other chat show, and afterwards he told me he was putting another band together – the one with the horn section used on the In New York album. That’s when our friendship really started to develop. He said he liked my guitar playing, but all his other guitarists were singers, so I never thought I’d be in his band. The turning point came when he took me and my friend out to dinner on my birthday. We were in this little place in New York and William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg were at the next table. Frank introduced us: “This is Malcolm, he’s a taxi driver. And this is Warren, he’s a guitar player…” And I thought “Fuuck!” Two weeks later he asked me to play on his European tour.”

  3. I met warren around 1977 in a music store i was working in. He told me that he was Frank’s cousin and that Frank had given him a sitar. He played me a cocktail jazz version of Penis Dimension he had arranged for guitar.

  4. If you any have any contact with Davey Moire..please have him email me…we used to be in bands in the old New York day’s…1967-8…Were having a get together in Ny. and want him to come…Thanks…

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