4 thoughts on “What’s My Line? FZ’s Guest Appearance, 1971”

  1. Just stumbled across this, funny enough, from the FNN broadcast you posted a few days back.

    Is the June on the panel June Lockheart from ‘Lassie?’ I also knew Soupy Sales, any clue who the other two were/are?

  2. Gene Rayburn & Arlene Francis… (US Game Show Icons from the 60’s 70’s, if you will.)
    Yes, that’s June Lockhart.
    And I thought that Soupy DQ’d himself from this one because his son hung out with Dweezil – but I may be thinking of another appearance; FZ did appear on What’s My Line more than once…

  3. Notice how lucid, intelligent, coherent and well-informed Frank is. Unlike so many of his colleagues in the rock n’roll biz.

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