The Music Of John Dowland

…as played by Sting and Edin Karamazov. You might know the CD, but recently I’ve found a fine DVD, a documentary on the music of the late composer John Dowland (1563-1626), with some opinions by two music scholars, lute player Edin Karamazov and singer Sting, and a short concerette part of wich can be seen above. A nice way to remember a musician, and to make his music alive.

Part two of the concerette above is here (oh yes, I happen to like the building as well: St. Luke, London).

Author: Balint


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  1. Whenever I see a lute, I expect Gary Green (in his green minstral get-up) from Gentle Giant to jump out and start jamming. I think they would feel right at home at the new St. Luke. The newly renovated space is beautiful and judging from the recording above, the acoustics are fantastic. The site mentions the new rehearsal spaces located below where the tombs were located. Spooky! I wonder where they put the remains?
    The music is perfect for that space. I just love the look of those old-looking lutes/archlutes. You would never know John Dowland’s music is over 400 yeras old until Mr. Sting starts speaking/singing in tongues.
    I caught Sting with Wynton Marsalis on The Blue Turtle tour. I was never was a big fan, but this excellent combination of pop/jazz was great live.
    You have to give Sting credit for exploring diverse music.
    That’s a wild little tidbit about Dowland (wiki site) being charged with TREASON for taking pay higher than usual scale for the time?! I guess someone like YANNI would have been publicly executed for taking ANY money for performing during 16th century!

  2. [quote comment=”5001″]I caught Sting with WYNTON Marsalis on The Blue Turtle tour.[/quote]
    Sorry, I meant BRANFORD. I sure this isn’t first time Branford has been mistaken for his brother.

    Btw, Balint if you enjoy Sting. Check out the doc, “Bring on the Night” filmed during The Dream of the Blue Turtle tour on video. Excellent.
    Here’s the trailer for the film

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