John Mayall & His Bluesbreakers

Now that the weekend is here, and you’ve finally got some room to move, why not kick it off with these two live videos of John Mayall and His Bluesbreakers (probably the seminal british blues band) performing “An Eye For An Eye” and “Room To Move”. Just think of all the fantastic musicians who were Bluesbreakers at one time or other: Peter Green, Eric Clapton, John McVie, Don “Sugarcane” Harris, Aynsley Dunbar, and Mick Taylor just to name a handful. To this day, The Turning Point, John Mayall’s live album recorded at Bill Graham‘s Fillmore East on July 12, 1969, is still one of my top ten albums.

Note: In November 2008 Mayall announced on his website he was disbanding the Bluesbreakers to cut back on his heavy workload and give himself freedom to work with other musicians.

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6 thoughts on “John Mayall & His Bluesbreakers”

  1. Looks like it’s ‘Motionless’ Mick Taylor in the first vid!
    And is that the guy from Fleetwood Mac on bass? if not, sure looks like him. Definitely a nice case of the ‘British Blues’–if you’re into that sort of thing.

  2. My mother-in-law used to go out with John McVie in the 60s when he was a struggling musician and held down a full time job. One day on a bus he said he was going to quit his job and concentrate on being a musician as he was playing with some guy John Mayall. My mother-in-law asked whether he really thought that was a good idea?

    It soon appeared to be a good idea however and she recounts going and seeing them all the time with Eric Clapton on guitar. Still it meant not going to see The Who or The Rolling Stones who were he favourites in their residencies at places like the Marque…

    ….what an era!!

  3. [quote comment=”3908″]


    Looks like they might be enjoying themselves! RING UP THE LAWYERS BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE![/quote]

    Although, it has nothing to do with this post, Bob…I love it! If the internet were around when I was 14 years old, I might of been doing the same thing (with a tad more creativity, though…because, at 14, I’d already loved Zappa for half my life).

  4. I definitely enjoyed the second track better. The drumming was a bit dull on “Eye for an Eye.”

    I’ve got the Beano album, I just need to sit down and listen to it – are the Green and Taylor-era records out on CD?

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